Ford Acres Stables


                                                        The Trail Barn

For those that are more interested in trail riding we have the trail barn available with basic ameneties.
12 x 12 box stall with mineral block and sawdust bedding
Daily turnout onto large pasture( daylight in Winter, night during Summer)
Heated, locked tack room with hot water, refrigerator and microwave
Outdoor restroom
Hay & oats fed x 2 daily
Many scenic trails
Daily boarder purchased suppliments given free of charge
Digital photos sent to you via e-mail
Organized trail rides with a full moon night ride when possible
Several helmets available free of charge
On line contact with Vet. possibly saving a farm call

All this for $160.00 per month
All this with 12 X 12  stall with small private paddock for $175.00 per month.
50" round pen
60" X 110"  outdoor training area with good footing

Other charges may apply
"There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse."