Ford Acres Stables


                         The Takota Barn
                        (Native American for "friend of all")

22 tongue & groove 12 x 12 stalls with automatic waterer,  Pro panel feeders that are installed at ground level, where horses can eat comfortably in a natural position. As a result, they waste less hay. They help to prevent a horse from throwing, pushing or spilling the feed. Smooth rounded edges prevent injury, allowing the horse to easily clean out all feed.  Along with the Comfort stall mats & mineral block.
Stalls cleaned daily & bedded with sawdust/shavings
Turnout onto 5 large paddocks with heated automatic waterers in each paddock
Mares and Geldings seperated for turnout
Feeding twice daily of Strategy/oats & Timothy hay
Administration of daily boarder purchased suppliments
Two washroom/grooming stalls with hot water
Heated/Air conditioned tack room with large private lockers, hot water & half bath
Enclosed, elevated lounge with veiwing room, TV & many horse related medias
Full bathroom with shower
90 X 200 well ventilated indoor arena with natural & arena lighting
Concrete stamped center isleway
Worming x 6 yearly
If using barn Vet., Farrier or Dentist appointments scheduled for you
Several helmets available free of charge
Access to many scenic trails with group trail rides weather permitting & full moon night rides when possible
Digital pictures of you and your horse sent to you via e-mail
There are many benefits of joining us on the ground level as we develope our programs
You really need to stop by and visit to fully appreciate what we have to offer
Monthly board is $325.00 

Reserve your stall now before they are all gone
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