Ford Acres Stables


                                    Stable Comfort flooring
All 22 stalls in The Takota Barn  have the StableComfort Flooring System .

This is a two piece flooring system. The first is a multi-celled mattress filled with uniformly sized rubber crumb. This rubber crumb provides the mattress with it's high level of comfort and it's shock absorbency.

The second component is the one piece top covering. The top cover is made from an industrial strength geotextile and impregnated with a vulcanized rubber compound that not only adds to the durability, but also makes it a non-draining, non-absorbent system.

The top cover is fastened to the stall walls using plastic strips and screws, ensuring that it stays in place and that no bedding or waste gets underneath the system.

StableComfort provides unsurpassed horse comfort through a resilient stall surface matching natural turf. Horses stabled on StableComfort are encouraged to lie down to rest more often and for longer periods of time. StableComfort provides remedial, therapeutic flooring for your horse while standing and on a comfortable, even surface while lying down decreasing the injury rehabilitation schedule and aiding in loosening stiff joints. StableComfort provides insulation from the cold and a barrier to dampness from the concrete floors. The equine performance industry reports less leg fatigue and a reduction in tissue fluid accumulation with StableComfort.
StableComfort provides a non-slip surface, enabling ease of lying down and rising. In fact, many veterinary facilities are taking advantage of this benefit in their post-anesthetic stalls.
StableComfort is equivalent to a minimum of four inches of bedding. Research from the Equine Research Centre in Guelph, Ontario has found that using a fraction of the bedding with the StableComfort system improves stable air quality without sacrificing horse comfort. Less bedding means less dust!
Becuase of this design hock sores are dramatically reduced and even completely eliminated. The supportive, yet forgiving, characteristics of StableComfort have produced proven results in animals with joint problems. Proven results are seen from older, arthritic, lame and injured horses.
 StableComfort flooring is also an excellent environment for foaling. It provides superior insulation for early foals born in cold climates & is great footing for the active and energetic newborn.