Ford Acres Stables


Don't wait to visit our facility if you are interested in exploring the possibilities. We have no doubt that our facilities, services and family will offer just what you need to get the most out of your relationship with your horse. One visit and you'll see that this is the ideal place!

Founded in 1999 by Jim & Tracy Stiffler, we are backed with years of experience

We are situated on an 89 acre farm in  South Western Pa. The scenery from  our "neck of the woods" is beautiful!. Our facility offers bridle paths on site to enjoy trail riding  and conditioning. Our trails range from a short simple ride, to trails that can go for hours, to trails with obstacles both natural and manmade.

Please note that we have two barns with different ameneties and pricing.

We have an extensive medical background in dealing with people and animals. We are both flight paramedics with Conemaugh MedSTAR. Jimmy is also a firefighter and has been around farming all his life.

Our hay and oats are grown on ours, plus two other farms that we personally plant and harvest.

For the safety of your horse our fencing is either wood or safety coated wire.

All breeds and disciplines are welcome. No matter if you are a first time horse owner, or competative equestrian, we strive to offer you the best facilities and care so that you and your horse can obtain your dream whether big or small.

We want to create an exceptional experience for you by focusing on a safe, relaxed, enjoyable environment along with a world class facility.

Ford Acres provides top quality, reliable daily care for your equine family member at reasonable prices.




Love means attention, which means looking after the things we love.
                                                                         We call this stable management. !